• Making Magic in The Meadows
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  • November 24th, 2017
  • Who We Are

    Avondale Meadows Academy (AMA) opened its doors in 2006 under the name Challenge Foundation Academy. In fact, the Challenge Foundation or Team CFA was a critical contributor to the school’s early success and we owe a great deal of gratitude to this national network of independent charter schools for their support in the school’s early years.  In spring 2014, the school sought input from students and families, changing our name to Avondale Meadows Academy to reflect our ties to the local community.

    Avondale Meadows Academy, is a K-5 tuition-free quality public charter school founded on the Core Knowledge curriculum. Our core focus is to provide an outstanding education for our children equipping them with the knowledge, wisdom, core values, and behaviors to be successful in life.

    Every AMA student knows and follows the High 5 Expectations:

    1. Be respectful
    2. Keep hands and feet to yourself
    3. Come to school prepared and ready to learn
    4. Follow directions
    5. Be responsible

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