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  • October 18th, 2017
  • Curriculum Director

    The Avondale Meadows Academy Located in one of Indianapolis’s most underserved communities, the Avondale Meadows Academy (AMA) is a tuition-free, K-5 public charter school currently in its fourth year in operation. We are diverse collection of families, educators and volunteers committed to equipping our students with the strongest possible preparation for success in Indianapolis’s most demanding, college-preparatory middle and high schools.

    AMA employs a rigorous and engaging curriculum aligned to state standards as well as the Core Knowledge scope and sequence of learning topics. Our teachers use a wide breath of effective instructional strategies, innovative tools and technology and a variety of services to challenge and support students to meet ambitious academic goals. We find creative, engaging ways to involve parents in our work helping students build not only their academic skills but also habits of curiosity, kindness, focus and persistence essential to college and life success.

    We benefit greatly from the continued support of this foundation as well as the collective knowledge and resources of a broad array of local leaders committed to “making magic in the Meadows,” the neighborhood we are working to transform through the power of great schools.

    The Position

    AMA is looking for a skilled, knowledgeable educator to oversee the development, implementation and assessment of the AMA curriculum and its impact on student learning. The Curriculum Director at AMA will also serve as a critical member of AMAs leadership team. He/she will work closely with AMA’s administrative team as well as our two Lead Teachers and our Director of School Culture in shaping what we teach our students, how we help them grow, our central measures of growth and the environment in which they’ll thrive. He/she will employ effective practices of support and collaboration with AMA teachers in implementing the AMA curriculum with fidelity and continuous attention to high standards of student achievement. The specific responsibilities of this position include:

    • Overseeing the development and refinement of the AMA Curriculum, adhering closely to the central structure and principles of Core Knowledge
    • Serving as the Coordinator of Core Knowledge curriculum and resources across our school and the liaison to the Core Knowledge Foundation
    • Working closely with teachers to implement and refine AMA’s school-wide, year-long curriculum plan
    • Coaching and follow up support on School-wide curricular initiatives (i.e. Reader’s Workshop)
    • Active participation on our Instructional Leadership Team, responsible for the quality of instruction and development at AMA and the implementation of the TAP system
    • Refining the overall design of our assessment of student achievement and establishing a schedule through which we continuously measure growth and, based on this data, shape the instructional focus, support and professional development priorities across our school
    • Oversee the development and implementation of our intervention curriculum, including the after-school tutoring program
    • Actively participate in monthly whole group RTI meetings to track the growth of students of concern and individualize interventions to help them grow
    • Plan, organize and oversee grade-level planning meetings in which teachers meet to plan the following week’s lessons and assessments of student growth
    • Identify supports that teachers may need with planning or curriculum implementation and follow up with planning meetings, co-teaching or modeling
    • Work closely with Lead Teachers in designing and implementing our school’s professional development program for teachers, based on teacher performance and student learning data
    • Collaborate with the Culture Team to promote the active involvement of families, their familiarity with the AMA curriculum and capacity to support their children’s active learning and participation in our program through Parent University and Monthly Family Nights
    • Collaborate with the Early Learning Center at the YMCA to ensure curricular alignment to AMA’s kindergarten program


    The ideal candidate for this position will meet the following qualifications:

    • A valid Indiana certification in area of elementary and/or art education
    • Experience working with children and helping them develop the skills, organization and discipline fundamental to school success
    • Experience working with/coaching adults
    • Strong command of the central principles of the Core Knowledge program as well as best practices in arts education
    • The instructional and management tools necessary to provide a diverse group of students at varying skill and confidence levels with a safe, supportive environment to grow and do their very best work
    • Experience and interest involving families (parents, grandparents and guardians) as well as the community in support of children’s academic and social development
    • Excellent writing and overall communication skills
    • A cooperative, energetic disposition and capacity to work in concert with one’s team
    • A deep interest in working in a fast-paced, collaborative environment relentlessly focused on high standards and achieving ambitious goals for our young students
    • Leadership and initiative in addressing school-wide issues in order to continuously improve the overall quality of the CFA program

    To apply for this position, submit the following:

    • Letter of interest
    • Current resume and supporting materials
    • Transcripts
    • Copy of valid teaching license
    • At least three (3) professional references (including a former or current supervisor) along with three (3) letters of recommendation

    Start Date:

    July 21, 2014

    Search process will continue until suitable candidate is selected.

    If interested, submit material to:

    Avondale Meadows Academy
    c/o Kelly Herron, Principal
    3980 Meadows Drive
    Indianapolis, IN 46205

    Questions of interest or clarification of this position should be directed to: Kelly Herron, Principal at kherron@teamcfaindy.org.

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