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    IEP: Individualized Education Program: once a child is considered eligible for an IEP, this legal document will outline needs, services, accommodations, etc.

    CCC: Case Conference Committee (teachers, administrators, parents, and anyone parents would like to have attend

    ACR: Annual Case Review (CCC meets at least once per year to update the IEP

    RTI: Response to Intervention (Process of identifying students who are struggling, determining goals and interventions, and monitoring progress towards those goals; this is often part of the process for determining students who may be eligible for special education services

    504: A 504 plan allows students with an identified disability to receive accommodations but not necessarily services.

    STEP: Strategic Teaching and Evaluation of Progress (Reading assessment that tests fluency, accuracy, spelling, and comprehension to determine a student’s reading level

    RAZ: Reading A-Z (Leveled reading program that tests reading accuracy and comprehension to determine a student’s reading level)

    wpm: words per minute

    Aimsweb TEN: Aimsweb Test of Early Numeracy (oral counting, number identification, quantity discrimination, and missing numbers)

    Aimsweb M-CAP: Aimsweb Math Concepts and Applications probe (includes various math concepts including computation, data, measurement, geometry, problems solving, etc.

    Aimsweb M-COMP: Aimsweb Math Computation probe (strictly tests computation: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)

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